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Me on my rocking chair Hello and welcome to! This site serves as my portfolio and a place to host my music and coding projects. I live in San Luis Obispo where I'm attending Cal Poly. Check out my About Me for more.

I am an independent web designer and hobbyist programmer, and I also work for iFixit. If you would like to hire me to build or expand a website, please contact me for a quote at I have designed several sites ranging from portfolios such as this one and ARM Photography to e-commerce sites like and Take a look at my Portfolio for more on those sites. In addition to custom coding and design, I take care of hosting, setup, and necessary maintenance.
Site Updates
Nov 11, 2010: Added "Goals" section for my CSC 300 class.
April 7, 2009: Added new song, Combinatorial Explosion, to the Music section. Also added the War card game to the Projects section.
March 26, 2009: Added new song, Electrobus, to the Music section.
March 19, 2009: Website is up!

I have a few goals, professional and otherwise:

Make software that improves users' quality of life.
Computers can help people a lot. I doubt most people would question that. But for computers to be helpful, they have to have good software. Unfortunately, a lot of software today is written to very low standards. This is especially true in web design. A lot of inexperienced coders begin with web design, which means a lot of websites are poorly designed. This makes the code harder to work with, and the quality of the program suffers because of this. Bad software won't help people, so I want to make great software that does help people.

Make at least one awesome game.
Computer games are super fun, but they're very hard to make. They take a long time, and there are usually a lot of cases that must be tested. But when people take the time to make a great game, it can turn out to be a ton of fun for a lot of people. I'm going to take CPE 476 next quarter, in which I will work with a team to make a 3D game. I plan on making multiplayer 3D asteroids, which should be awesome.

Get great at the bass.
Instruments take a long time to learn, but when someone is great at an instrument, it's super impressive. I'm not very good at any instruments, but I can kind of play the bass. I'd like to start taking lessons, soon, and keep practicing. I already make music with my computer, but it would be nice to make music with my bass as well.

Make an album's worth of great music.
I don't really want to release an album. I object somewhat to the idea of selling music. I feel like art should be globally accessible. I make all the music that I've made available from this website, but I'm not sure that I have enough great music to fill a CD.